Prahalad Wahane, an 80-year-old farmer, father of Tejram and Leeldhar, Ridhora, Nagpur, Maharashtra. “I’ve been a farmer all my life, I don’t do anything else. Farming now has completely changed, the new seeds are as unpredictable as it can get. At least I knew the seeds then, we stored them, now the seeds that are being forced upon us are the ones in the packets. We would save the seeds from the cotton we would harvest, now you don’t find those seeds at all, just go to the market and buy the seeds. And it’s the same with everything, we don’t have seeds.”

How much money would you make then as compared to now? “When has the farmer ever made money? It is the traders who make the money not us, we supply them with the harvest and they enjoy it. People fall at your feet till they get into power and once they are in power it’s a different story. It’s the same with the traders or anyone else. I’ve lost interest in farming, my son died a couple of years ago and now I’m waiting for the bank people to come and take everything we have.”

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