“There is no use of this factory in our village, it’s just empty promises I tell you. They wanted permission to start a factory here and got it by promising jobs. The factory here was supposed to give us jobs but it’s the outsiders who are getting jobs. They won’t pay the local guys enough salary, we can’t make a living. If you think I’m lying please ask around.” What do you do for a living? “I used to do agriculture, I don’t have much land though. I used to work in the Ramgarh coal factory, I worked there for seven years and when it shut I came back to do agriculture. Now, this iron factory is polluting so much that our crops are dying, the soil is dead and there is no water. So we neither have jobs at the factory nor can we live on agriculture.” Shankar Mahto, Kusumdih, Jharkhand, sitting at his house rues the time when he and the rest of the village agreed to give permission for an iron factory hoping they would get jobs as promised by the Kay2 TMT bars factory.

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