Mohammed Kashid, saree seller, Sambal, Uttar Pradesh. 
Why did you come from Uttar Pradesh to Harnal, Bijapur? “Hunger brought me here. I sell sarees and salwar, it is raining heavily in my village and the little land I have is underwater right now. It has not rained much here, so this is where I can sell and make money. This motorcycle I bought in Aurangabad takes me around Bijapur district, Gulbarga and a couple of other districts. I spend about 2 to 3 months selling sarees and return to our village in UP.” How’s the business going? “Business is quite dull. I’m trying to sell this saree to the lady here and she doesn’t have even Rs 250. We started at Rs 400 and now after the bargain, we are at 250, and I’m not able to make a sale. She complains that there’s no rain so she has no money. The situation is tough and I make anywhere between Rs 200 to 500 a day and this money goes to my owner who gives me Rs 10 per piece I sell.” The lady he is referring to and in the picture is a farmer who has been praying to Allah for rains. Harnal, Bijapur.

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