Sri Sundaram, Veerangipuram, Tamil Nadu. “I was a councillor in ’96 now I’m a farmer. I’m one of the few farmers left in this village, most of them have migrated. I have completed my duty as a father, one of my sons is an auto driver, the other is a journalist and I’ve got both of my daughters married, my job is done. I have 4 acres of land, see there? That’s where we would grow paddy and sugarcane, but that was when we had rains maybe 5 years ago now I depend entirely on my three cows. I just hope there is enough rain this monsoon so there are grass and water to feed these cows. There was a time when there was so much water to bathe, now we wait for the government water tanker for drinking water.” Would you migrate for work? “I’m 79! Who’ll give me a job? People who migrate are below 50 years and they get jobs in hotels, restaurants, drive cars and one of my grandsons drives water tanker in Chennai. I’m fine here with my cows.”

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