Now the cost of the cocoon has fallen to ₹ 200 per kilo, let us say I have to get my daughter married, would the cost of the silk saree come down? I still have to pay upwards to ₹ 10000, would the shopkeeper give me the saree for ₹ 1000 because I’m a farmer or a silkworm rearer? No.

A farmer, whether he gets ₹ 100 or ₹ 1000, has to work. He can’t let his land fallow, he has to eat, children have to go to school and life has to continue, he will continue to farm. We don’t need a loan waiver, we need a minimum support price and a market for our produce. There is no point in giving us a loan waiver when the price of the cocoon keeps falling, we are forced to take loans again. A farmer likes to lead an honest, hardworking life. The person who is fixing the prices is a not farmer, he does not know anything about farming or silkworm rearing, what will he know about our hardships, input costs, weather conditions? We now have to compete with China silk, it is difficult to sustain. We will continue doing what we are doing and I’m getting my children educated and if they want to take the same profession it’s up to them. Shivakumar, Ramanagara, Karnataka.

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