Pidappa, 25, Thippanatgi, Raichur, Karnataka. “I can go to Bangalore to work as a construction worker or work in some company, any work I can get.” Where would you prefer to live? “If it is about work I would prefer Bangalore, someone will pick us up and take us someplace and we work and we get paid every week. What do I get staying here?” Why are you here? “I have elderly parents, my younger brothers have migrated.” What have you studied? “I have completed my BA. If there were any factories around we could have worked but there are none. So we go to Bangalore and pick up whatever work we get. My uncle has completed his MA and is sitting at home. There is no work. We have only two options, live here and hope for the rains or leave to the city.” Are you married? “I wouldn’t want to get married, it’s tough looking after the family I already have. This is the village life, sit around, chat, pray for rain and another day passes.”

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