Siddharamaya, a farmer in Ramanagara, Karnataka, “I have about 13000 sq ft of land and I can hardly grow anything there except for my family. My livelihood comes from my cows. I’d get Rs 25 per liter of milk and now the government has reduced it by Rs 3, feed was Rs 1000 but they reduced it by only Rs 50 and all the other feed comes unto Rs 3000 per month. This forces me to take a loan from private moneylenders since the banks won’t give me any as they ask for too many papers which I can’t furnish. The banks ask for land records in my name but it is in my father’s name, to have it transferred to my name it costs Rs 20000, where am I going to get that money from?

The government reduces the purchase price of the milk, keep the costs of the feed the same, we end up losing money. No government can do anything for the poor, it benefits only the rich.

So how will loan waiver help me?”

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