30 Inches From a Loan

Prasad belongs to the Ezhava community, which is classified as OBC, a community, who were warriors during the time of the Zamorins and trained in martial arts (Kalaripayattu). Their roots are traced to Sri Lanka. They had a dual classification, the status of a warrior (Kshatriya) but the caste of a Shudra (Backward caste, untouchables). However, they have always worked as agricultural labourers. … Continue reading30 Inches From a Loan

Science Education And Its Inequalities

My intention through this article is to give my perspective, created through my experiences, about the state of (science) education in India; and to see the rather quirky relationship social status has with access to an appropriate form of education. These perspectives have been framed by my experiences growing up, and recently as … Continue readingScience Education And Its Inequalities