Farming Or Happiness

Khadir Basha (centre), you can call him Basha, Veerangipuram, Tamil Nadu. “I’m a driver and I get most of my customers from Thiruvannamalai. I don’t farm, that’s not for me, I prefer my driving. But farming has not brought any happiness to the farmers here, there has been no rain for the past three years. If the open well fills up then there’s farming else people buy rice and grains from the society make gruel and just pass their time or migrate for work. We adjust and live. If Allah gives rain then there’s food and if Allah does not give then we have to wait. First Allah gives water for man to survive only later comes food. There is no worry when Allah is there, he gives, we take. Allah gives how much you need not how much you want. I have nothing, no land, no money, no property I only have my work to depend on and I can go anywhere with it. When you have the money you find ways to spend it, for me, it’s about how to make use of my talent to earn.” Why do you think I should hire your car to go see places? “I know the places that’s why not because I have something special, I’m as good as anyone else, no special talent.”