Protesting In The Illusionary And Temporal Realm

An important folk ritualistic theatre of South Kanara is Bhoota worship, and the foremost feature of this theatre is its association with religion. This worship has a strong tradition and establishes a close relationship with the society and the history of South Kanara. And this relationship has many levels, social, cultural, political, judicial and medical. There are over 350 Bhoota worshipped in the region though not worshipped in every village in the district. Each Bhoota has a specific identity by way of name, sex, place of origin, symbol, and habitation.

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Wading Over The Muddy Fields

“On a hot sunny day, when I was travelling for work across the paddy fields of East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh, which is famous for its lush green paddy fields. The sight of the vast expanses of the water filled paddy fields, stretched up to the horizon, iridescently glistening under the bright tropical
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