Native Picture is a media company bringing you stories from India’s countryside. The gap between urban and rural India is widening every day and we aim to bridge that gap through multimedia stories. We are bringing you first-hand accounts of the impact of economic, social, and ecological interventions in the name of development. We are telling the stories of where we come from and who we are in the rawest terms, reminding you of what we stand to lose if we don’t start paying attention. Native Picture’s well-researched content will mainly engage with social, environmental and cultural issues. 

The Team

Arjun Swaminathan

Arjun started his visual journey by getting to bus stops and getting onto buses that had the least crowd and exploring the place he’d reach. This gave birth to many stories and more importantly many friends were made, after several years some are still quite close. It was during such travels and while working with several organizations that he realized the need for a platform that is dedicated to telling stories from the perspective of culture and the changes it faces due to the lifestyle of the urban centres. Thus was born Native Picture, stories of people, landscapes, food, water .

Manimekhala Yajaman

Manimekhala is an art practitioner and educator, with a Bachelor’s in sculpture and Master’s in Art history. In 2005, quite by chance, she started teaching art and design and has been doing so since. Her foray into the design realm led her to explore illustration and digital art.She works and lives in Bangalore, where she practices the art and pursues her other passion of growing organic fruits and vegetables. She’s the chief art and design whip at Native Picture.

Varun John

A Generalist with 15 years of broad experience in Research, Business Analysis, IT, Web, Design, Operations, and Management. Varun has worked on multiple innovative projects with MNCs, startups and non-profit organizations. His work involves leveraging Design Thinking to empathize, citing the need & observing the pain points of the end-user. An individual of manifold interests, Varun possesses a logical and human-centric approach towards challenges.

Our Partners